About Me

I write as MJ Pullen, but feel free to call me Manda.

Conventional wisdom says that in order to be successful, a blog should focus on one topic and be updated at regular, predictable intervals. I just don't have the attention span for that.

I write about writing. I write about funny, sad and enraging things that happen to me. And around me. I have opinions about social media. Sometimes about dieting and exercise. My funny family. My other job as a therapist. I try not to be boring.

I live in the suburbs of Atlanta with my two sons, Little Monkey and Fozzie Bear, their very patient Dad, and an old cat who brings us dead mice offerings almost weekly. I have student loan debt from the University of Georgia, Texas State University and Georgia State University, where I studied English, Business and Professional Counseling. I kill plants.

Enjoy the Blog!

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