Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeepers! Creepers! The Return of the Blog

After my last blog, and the 30-mile walk over two days that preceded it, I decided I would take a week off from fitness walking, blogging, and a few other healthful but non-necessary activities in my life. I figured seven days of relaxation would allow my body and mind to reset so I could come back refreshed and better than ever.

Hmmm.... A week off, eh? Well, now it's exactly six weeks later and my walking activities have been only slightly more frequent than my blogs. Guess I needed more time to relax than I thought!

Well, I may not have been walking, but my little man is. He took his first steps just over a week ago, and I can hardly believe how fast he's growing (and moving). It's hilarious to watch him toddle around with his arms out like a drunk midget, huge open-mouthed excitement all over his face.

And I haven't been blogging myself, but I've been reading some other friends who are new to the blogging scene, and they have really inspired me. One of my favorites is a courageous and deeply personal blog called "The Drive at 35" by my friend Andy, which I invite you to explore at your leisure.

In the meantime, I'll try to pull myself together for something more substantive soon.  Happy Summer!