Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Updated: A Minor Inconvenience to You (I Hope!)

Hello, readers! I hope you've been enjoying 'Doll Hair Doesn't Grow Back' for the past... wait a minute, could it possibly be more than five years??? Yes, it could. And 179 posts, including this one. That's a lot of my ramblings.
Me in 1979, thinking about the topic for my very first blog

Now that I have my awesome new website,, the blog is migrating over there (along with my writer's blog, Front Matter). The guys at Hanee Designs convinced me that it would be a good idea to keep everything all in one place, and since they did such a fabulous job making the website I decided to take their advice and just roll with it. It really is lovely, if you haven't had a chance to check it out.

SO, the blog is already over there, including all the posts from here, and despite the elegant new surroundings it's really making itself at home. It's already ordered room service and charged an adult movie to the room. Here's a tip: never give my blog your credit card number!

The good news is, this really shouldn't affect your reading experience too much, except that you need to do one simple thing to stay in the loop: please visit and scroll down to the little button that says "Subscribe to my RSS." [UPDATE: I found a way to put the form below, so you don't even have to go anywhere!] Put in your email address and you will get an update every time a blog is published. If you prefer to stay in the loop, but more at a distance -- like at the 6th grade dance -- you can subscribe instead to my newsletter and get an occasional summary of what's going on along with book release announcements. Either way, I hope you'll take this opportunity to stay in touch!


Here is the RSS form, so you don't miss a thing!

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